On the Police Logs 08.30.12


Angela Campbell of Amagansett left a load of towels in the dryer at the Amagansett Laundromat at 2 p.m. on Aug. 11, and they were gone when she returned three hours later, she told police. The manager said he had to remove the towels to allow others to use the dryer, and apparently somebody folded them up and walked off with them. They were returned the next day, although Ms. Campbell reported that a couple were still missing.

Jenifer Kraus’s red Electra bicycle was stolen in the wee hours of Friday from the front yard of her Hedges Lane house. The thief left a second bicycle, a black men’s Beach Comber, behind. Ms. Kraus’s bike was distinctive, judging from the report, with flower decals, a wicker basket, a red bell, and whitewall tires with flowers imprinted on them.

East Hampton

A Swamp Road man, Saul Shapiro, informed police last Thursday that his mailbox had been smashed, apparently with a baseball bat or similar object, during the preceding night. He estimated replacement cost at $55.

Shawn Miller’s 2009 Toyota pickup was targeted by thieves 10 days ago. He told police on Aug. 20 that a tailgate and lights and the hubcaps had been stolen. The truck was parked in a lot at 24 Sag Harbor Turnpike.

Someone trespassed on Barbara Zuckerberg’s Tyson Lane property and picked peaches from several trees, she told police on Aug. 10.

Douglas McCarty told police that somebody entered his mother-in-law’s shed on Middle Highway and removed power trimmers, a power blower, and a pruner, together valued at over $1,000.

Ali Mostafavi of Huntting Avenue reported on Aug. 19 that his house had been burglarized. Thieves made off with $3,000 in cash from a safe in the master bedroom, he said, as well as several women’s swimsuits. Police are investigating.

East Hampton Village

A Meadow Way woman told police on Aug. 20 that the family’s nanny, Elsie Panti Lumbao, had gone for a walk at noon the previous day and never returned, though she’d said she’d be right back. She left behind her clothes and her computer. A friend of the missing  woman told police Ms. Lumbao had expressed unhappiness with her job and had had recent arguments with her employers. Detectives are investigating.

A traffic control officer at Wiborg’s Beach alerted police on Aug. 21 that a 2011 Acura in the lot had a non-resident parking permit that did not match the plates on the car. According to the report, Myles Kleeger of Larchmont, N.Y., told an officer he was renting a house in the village, and that the owner, whom he’d never met, had told him he could use the permit. The T.C.O. wrote a $150 ticket for parking without a permit and the police confiscated the one on the car.

On three consecutive evenings last week, Janet Lehr, an owner of Vered Gallery, called police, complaining that youths were skateboarding on the pavement near the gallery, between Park Place and Main Street. Police responded each time but could not find the offending youths.

Police went to the Player’s Club on Montauk Highway last Saturday night in response to a noise complaint and gave summonses to a partner in the business, Neil Levinbrook, warning him that any more complaints could result in the D.J. being arrested and all equipment confiscated. The music was turned off.


Patricia L. Sutton, a guest at Gurney’s Inn, told police that at some point on Aug. 21 someone had removed a 16-inch gold necklace, valued at $2,000, from her room. She said room service had been in the room twice, to turn down the beds at  night and to make them up in the morning. There was no sign of forced entry.

Rubiela Lopez-Saray, an employee at Harvest restaurant, reported all her cash, in the amount of $1,120, was removed from her purse, which she had placed in a storage room during work. Many employees had access to the room. Police are investigating.

Linda Seton, the owner of Whoa Nellie, told police on Saturday afternoon that a man who had expressed an interest in a retro sign she was selling had apparently walked off with it without paying. He bought other items which he did pay for, she said, but on his way out he removed the sign from the front of the store. He had left his business card, and Ms. Seton told police it might have been a misunderstanding. Police called the man, who returned to the store and paid for the sign.

Sag Harbor

A resident of Shaw Road called police Monday afternoon to report a seaplane had landed just 100 feet from the beach before moving out to its mooring. Police warned the pilot about village rules regarding seaplanes.