Accidents, Serious Injuries

    The Labor Day weekend began on Friday with a 2 a.m. car crash on Stephen Hand’s Path, East Hampton, which resulted in a charge of driving while intoxicated and a broken arm, followed a half hour later by a second crash on the same road, this one even more serious, leading to another D.W.I. arrest and a hospitalization.
    In the first incident, according to East Hampton Town police, Rebecca J. Rubenstein, 21, lost control of her 2010 Jeep and hit a tree near Long Lane. Back at headquarters, she consented to an Intoxalyzer breath test. Her blood-alcohol content was recorded as .16 of 1 percent, twice the legal limit.
    After a trip to Southampton Hospital, Ms. Rubinstein appeared in East Hampton Justice Court the next morning for arraignment before Justice Lisa Rana with her left arm in a sling, leaning on a crutch, and still wearing a hospital ID bracelet on her right wrist. She was represented by Edward Burke.
     “I know my client very well,” he told the court. A senior at Binghamton University, she was due to leave for school the next day, said Mr. Burke.
    Justice Rana released her without bail and waived an Oct. 11 court appearance, provided Ms. Rubenstein seeks alcohol-related counseling at school. Her next date in court is Nov. 21.
    “You’re a lucky girl,” the justice told Ms. Rubenstein as she hobbled out of the courtroom, her mother by her side.
    Not so lucky was Mathew J. McGuire, 22, of East Hampton, whose 2005 Chevy allegedly passed the site of the first crash at a high speed, swerving to avoid a police car that was still there. The officer sped off in pursuit. Mr. McGuire tried to outrun his pursuer, police said, heading north at a high speed. A second officer joined the chase at Cedar Street, where Mr. McGuire lost control and crashed into a tree. He was rushed to the hospital, where, due to the gravity of his injuries, he was admitted. The hospital has since released him, and his arraignment is scheduled for tomorrow.
    This was Mr. McGuire’s second arrest in a five-day period. On Aug. 26, his family summoned police after he began smashing gutters around the house with a baseball bat. According to the report, he was enraged because his brother stopped him from riding a motorcycle.
    After his latest arrest it was determined that his driver’s license had been suspended last year for a pending alcohol-related offense, according to the report, and so police impounded what was left of his Chevy.
    A third Friday-morning D.W.I. arrest came at about 4 a.m. William M. Schledorn, 31, of Melville told the court he was visiting friends in Montauk, celebrating his birthday. Justice Rana noted that Mr. Schledorn had a prior conviction, in 2005, for driving with ability impaired by alcohol, and set bail at $500.
    Another bad accident involving an allegedly drunken driver, again resulting in a trip to a hospital, happened at 3:30 a.m. Saturday on Three Mile Harbor-Hog Creek Road, when Manuel Peralta Tapia, 32, of East Hampton, driving north in a 2007 Nissan, smashed into a light pole, the impact turning the car around. Now pointing south, Mr. Peralta Tapia kept going for another quarter mile before losing control. The car rolled over several times, and all the windows were broken.
    Mr. Peralta Tapia appeared to be intoxicated, police said, but due to head injuries, was flown to Stony Brook University Medical Center. He consented to have blood drawn for a reading, which may be available when he is arraigned tomorrow.
    His car was impounded after he was found to be driving with a suspended license.