On the Police Logs 09.06.12

East Hampton

Nancy Isaacson’s license plates were stolen from Balcun’s lot on North Main Street earlier this month.

A Guernsey Lane resident, Barbara Zack, found her front gate damaged and a sliding-glass door shattered on Friday. She told police she had left the door unlocked while she was away the previous few days, but nothing appeared missing. She believes it may have been her lawn care company that did the damage.

Sheldon Kawer reported on Aug. 29 that over the summer someone had been removing letters from an entrance sign reading “Landfall: A Private Community.” Other signs nearby were untouched. Mr. Kawer valued the damaged sign at $500.

Franklin Rosalia’s mailbox was vandalized on Aug. 29. Another Bull Path resident, Bruce Stevens, made the same report about his mailbox the day after.

A Morris Park Lane man, Allan Gregg, told police that at some point between noon on Aug. 24 and about the same time on Aug. 27, a white envelope with $5,000 cash in it was removed from the console of his unlocked Ford pickup truck. He realized it was gone when he went shopping at Lowe’s in Riverhead on Aug 27.

East Hampton Village

A Cedar Street resident reported on Aug. 27 that a cement mixing truck had spilled wet concrete in front of his house. The police contacted the Highway Department, which cleared the mess.

An Indian Hill Road man found a young child, lost, on Newtown Lane on Aug. 27. When police arrived, the child had been reunited with its nanny. Police contacted the parents to alert them to the incident.

Tricia Tippapart’s bicycle, make unknown, was stolen from outside Starbuck’s on the morning of Aug. 28.

Police responded to a report of a dog running loose on Newtown Lane on the evening of Aug. 28. When an officer arrived, the dog’s owner was with the animal. He said it wasn’t vicious and “there is no leash law in East Hampton.”

A Pleasant Lane man reported that his three-speed bicycle, valued at $500, was stolen from his property on Aug 29.

The vandal who has been writing anti-Obama graffiti, usually using a permanent marker, scrawled several more on Newtown Lane early Friday, now using racial epithets.

Joseph Ragonese’s MacBook computer, valued at $2,200, was stolen from the Player’s Club on Friday afternoon. Mr. Ragonese also reported the theft of a music system, valued at $2,000. He gave the police the names of two possible suspects.


Ricardo Rosa, an employee at Gurney’s Inn who lives on the premises, left his room locked last Friday afternoon. His brother Juan Rosa, who shares the room with him along with a third brother, came in around midnight to find a window screen pushed in and Ricardo’s locker broken open. Ricardo returned and found that a plastic bag with $1,600 was missing.  Ricardo told police he gave haircuts in the room to fellow employees, and several people knew the location of the money, but he named one in particular. There have been a series of similar break-ins at the complex this summer. Police are investigating.

Eileen Aivaliotis took her young son to the beach at Culloden Shores on Aug. 29, leaving their bikes in the parking lot. After four hours, they returned to find the boy’s Chaos brand bike, worth $80, missing.

A hybrid Trek bicycle was stolen last Friday night from the bike rack at Solé East. Its owner, Ashleigh Orlando, valued it at $150.

Sag Harbor
Thea Speranza of Meriden, Conn., was cited Saturday evening for bringing a seaplane too close to shore. She had brought the plane to Ninevah Beach to discharge passengers, and it became stuck in the sand due to low tide, according to the police report.

Two women who parked in a driveway on Gerard Drive last Friday discovered the next morning that someone had gone through their unlocked vehicles, stealing $50 cash, a car phone charger, and a bath towel.

Eric Drew parked his yellow 1999 Triumph in the School Street lot while he worked at Springs School between 12:30 and 3:30 p.m. last Thursday. When he returned, his car had been scratched, and he estimated the damage at $500.