On the Police Logs 09.20.12

Police News


Chini Alarco of Whitmore’s Garden Shop and Nursery reported several items stolen from an outdoor display area, including an outdoor shower worth $600 and two duffel bags, valued at $99 each. Several smaller items were taken as well. That happened before Sept. 5, and last week two rare shrubs, valued at $500, were taken from the same nursery.

East Hampton

Alex Flores of Boatheader’s Lane reported on Aug. 29 that his son’s small red Honda dirt bike had been stolen. It was last seen outside their apartment.

East Hampton Village

Police received a call last Friday evening that two men were skateboarding in a “suspicious manner” on Pantigo Road and Fithian Lane. An officer was dispatched to the scene, but the men had skated away.
A deer was stuck in a fence on Hither Lane Saturday morning. An officer helped the animal free itself.


Victor Triolo of Monroe Drive found his pickup truck’s tires slashed during the week after Labor Day. His mailbox was vandalized earlier this summer.

Fernando Savarese’s fishing equipment, valued at about $250, was stolen during the night of Aug. 28 from outside a house on South Emerson Avenue.

Anwar Muhamad, manager of the 7-Eleven, reported on Aug. 26 that a man had stolen five iPhone cases on display at the store and ridden away on a bicycle. The thief was not found.

Tom Sennefelder of the Gone Fishing marina received a threatening call on Sunday from a former customer who had a back tab of $1,700 in fuel bills. The customer, whose name was redacted from the police report, demanded that his mounted 70-pound striped bass, hanging in the marina, be returned to him. Mr. Sennefelder agreed to return it.

Sag Harbor

An 87-year-old Division Street woman received a call Tuesday informing her that she had just won $2 million and a brand-new Mercedes Benz. In order to receive her prizes, she was told to go to 7-Eleven and get two green-dot money cards, one for $500 and the other for $245, and give the cards to someone who would pick them up later that day. The woman called a friend to share the news, but the friend was skeptical about the call, and told her to alert the police, who are now investigating.

Pamela Suskind of Bay Street reported an injured swan on Saturday afternoon. Wildlife control came to the rescue.

Marek Janota’s Cobra Navigator kayak, valued at $1,500, was stolen two weeks ago from the Clearwater Beach Marina. Mr. Janota told police that the kayak had been secured with a chain when he last saw it on Aug 28. “Janota” is engraved on the sides of the craft and is printed in marker there as well.

The manager of East Hampton Point notified police Friday morning that a safe had been removed from the restaurant during the night. The Sentry safe, valued at $400, had $880 in cash inside. A kitchen window appeared to have been forced open, police said. Detectives are investigating.

Rosa Castro’s purse, reportedly containing  $780 in cash and a white iPhone 4S valued at $500, was taken from her unlocked Lexus overnight on Saturday. The car was parked in her Gardiner Avenue driveway.


Lynn Cronin of Sagaponack was following her normal routine on the morning of Sept. 12, driving to the Beach Lane parking lot, dropping off her Cannondale bicycle, then driving back to her house, leaving the car, and running back to the beach. But when she returned to the beach that morning, the bike, valued at $500, was gone.