Three Sent To Hospital

    Gene Gilligan of Amagansett was driving his 1991 Mercedes north on Napeague Meadow Road when a deer ran in front of his car on Friday night, police said. He swerved to avoid the animal and lost control of the car, striking about four concrete posts at the side of the road, before the car flipped over. Mr. Gilligan suffered abrasions to his head and was taken to Southampton Hospital. A police report described the car as demolished.
    Luis E. Agudelo of East Hampton, driving a 1998 Volkswagon, was trying to make the sharp right turn Saturday afternoon off Toilsome Lane onto Route 114 in East Hampton, when he came to a complete stop at the yield sign, according to the accident report, and was rear-ended by a 2008 Toyota driven by Linda Marin, also of East Hampton. Mr. Agudelo complained of pain and was taken to Southampton Hospital.
    On Sunday afternoon, a crash between two cars on Old Northwest Road in East Hampton sent one of the drivers to Southampton Hospital. According to Elzbieta Wojda of New York City, Patrick Lyons, also of New York, turned in front of her 2007 Mercedes in his 2003 Honda. Ms. Wojda told police she could not avoid a collision. Mr. Lyons was left unconscious and was taken by ambulance to the hospital.   


The 3 way intersection of Toilsome Lane, Buell Lane and Route 114 is often the scene of barely avoided collisions or comical stand-offs: many motorists do not understand who has the right of way. Obviously it's Route 114 but because of the way it curves, it can be really confusing, especially to drivers not familiar with the area. Also, the right turn ramp from Toilsome Lane onto Route 114 is much too sharp and narrow - very easy to hit the curb on either side.