Christmas Day Crash

    At about 9 a.m. on Christmas Day, Joseph Esposito of Brooklyn was headed east on Montauk Highway near St. Michael’s Lutheran Church in Amagansett when he fell asleep behind the wheel of his 2013 Toyota SUV.
    He lost control of the car, East Hampton Town police reported, which jumped a curb, leaving about 20 yards of tracks in newly laid soil between the sidewalk and the curb of the church’s new senior citizen housing complex, before smashing into a wooden telephone pole with enough force to split the pole down the middle. The car spun around the pole after impact, ending up on the far side at a right angle to the highway.
    Mr. Esposito was able to get out of the vehicle and was standing by it when police arrived, but reported having chest pains, and was taken to Southampton Hospital. A woman was seen by the side of the road with Mr. Esposito in the moments after the crash, but the report indicates there were no passengers in the car, which was towed away, totaled.
    Deer were busy around dusk last week, with six collisions reported across the township, all of them occurring between 4 and 5 p.m. A seventh happened at about midnight.