On the Police Logs 01.03.13


Maria Longo of Amagansett was shopping at the Bass outlet last Thursday and left her prescription glasses on the counter when she left the store. When she realized the glasses, with red frames and clear lenses, were missing she returned to the store and searched with the clerks, but the glasses, which cost $200, did not turn up.

East Hampton

A Mossberg pump-action shotgun was stolen around Thanksgiving from Allen Gregg’s house on Morris Park Lane, along with its soft black shotgun case and a box of ammunition. Police released the report on Monday.

East Hampton Village

The winds were so powerful the day after Christmas that the sails on Hook Mill were reported to have started turning.

A mountain bike belonging to Ben Baxter of East Hampton was stolen from the train station sometime between Christmas Eve, when he chained it up, and Friday, when he returned to find both bike and chain missing.

A homeless man was found asleep in the Bank of America’s ATM breezeway on Newtown Lane Saturday morning. An officer woke him up and warned him he would face arrest if he returned. The man had previously been ejected the week before from the post office, where he’d also been sleeping.

The caretaker of an estate on Chauncey Close reported on the morning of Dec. 24 that hunters were shooting close to the house. An officer noted that a screen had what appeared to be buckshot damage. Two officers went looking for the hunters, but could not find them. The caretaker wanted the incident on record.


Christopher Carillo reported a Christmas Day burglary to police. While he and his family were away from their Flamingo Road house attending a Christmas party, someone entered the unlocked house and removed $5,000 in cash, a $500 gift card, and a gold pendant valued at $350 from a bedroom. Mr. Carillo’s Social Security card was stolen as well.

Northwest Woods

A Sammy’s Beach Road resident, Shannon Digate, called her bank after receiving a notification in the mail that the two credit cards she’d applied for were being processed. Ms. Digate told police last Thursday that she’d never applied for the cards. The bank’s fraud department canceled the cards and advised her to fill out a police report. No money was stolen.