On the Police Logs 01.10.13


Henry Guzman of Springs reported his black Apple iPhone 4S stolen from the Amagansett Laundromat on the day after Christmas. He had set it down just for a minute, he told police, to pay attention to his young daughter.

East Hampton Village

Worried that someone had made off with her purse, Elizabeth Laytin called police from CVS last week, but found it soon after in her large handbag. In the CVS parking lot a few minutes later, she reported to police that a white Toyota sedan had backed into her car. The officer who interviewed her wrote that the sedan hadn’t actually made contact with Ms. Laytin’s car, but that “she would like to complain about the driving ability of the elderly in general.”

For the second straight week, police received a report that duck hunters were shooting in the vicinity of a house on Chauncey Close. This time, unlike last week, police found the hunters and spoke with them. The four men said they had proper licenses, and that according to their laser, they were the required 500 feet away from the house. An officer measured the distance himself and found that indeed, they were 545 feet away from it. The hunters also said they were shooting over water (Georgica Creek), not at the house.

Deborah Klueghers, an East Hampton Town Trustee, reported to police that the owner of a beachfront residence near Two Mile Hollow Road had built an illegal snow fence there.

On New Year’s Day, several homeless people were reported to be sleeping in the railroad station building. An officer found one man there, the same man who has been reported sleeping in several public places the past couple of weeks. He was told about a shelter where he could go for a bed.

Mike McCarron reported on Jan. 2 that someone had siphoned about 20 gallons of gas from his pickup truck, which was parked behind Consumer Tires on Railroad Avenue.

There was a small fire, soon extinguished, in a garbage can on Main Street last Thursday, apparently caused by a lit cigarette being tossed in the trash.


The owner of the Montauk Marine Basin, Carl Darenberg, reported a 12-foot ladder and a 400-foot power cord missing from the property last Thursday. It was the second theft in a week of a utilitarian item, he told police.

Diedre Cahill of West Lake Drive reported that someone had smashed a window of her parked car shortly before Christmas. Police checked with neighbors but could find no witnesses.

Northwest Woods

Clara Garnica of Quarty Circle told police in late December that her car had been stolen. An extra set of car keys had gone missing about a month earlier, she said.

Sag Harbor

The morning of Jan. 1 found the Harbor Heights service station on Hampton Road littered with broken bottles, scattered around the pumps and the building. It was reported to be the third such occurrence in recent days, since a new management team took over.

A swan celebrated New Year’s Day by entering the intersection of Main and Glover Streets. An officer escorted the bird, gingerly, into Otter Pond.

Ivana Lowell of Union Street told police that someone had forged and cashed a large number of her checks, totaling some $50,000. Police are investigating.

A man passed a fake $100 bill at Cavaniola’s Cheese Shop on Tuesday and tried to do the same at Sag Harbor Beverage, where he was turned away. An investigation is under way.

Police received a complaint last week that a Robeson Boulevard man had locked his dogs out of the house in the cold yard. An officer investigated and found there was a doggie door in place for the animals to enter the warm house.