On the Police Logs 01.31.13

East Hampton

Several youths were reported congregating in the backyard of a house on Buell Lane Extension on the morning of Jan. 20. An officer spotted one of them running away and pursued him, catching him after a short chase. A couple of other young men were stopped as well. Police got in touch with the youths’ parents and told them to speak to their children about such behavior.

Margaret Dunn of Gould Street went to police headquarters last Thursday on behalf of her friend Madeleine Potter, also of Gould Street, telling police that almost $2,400 had been charged to Ms. Potter’s Citibank credit card in December. The bank’s fraud department reversed the charges.

Police are investigating a possible burglary on Green Hollow Road earlier this month. A Samsung flat-screen TV, valued at $1,400, antiques valued at $10,000, and various works of art went missing. The owner of the house is deceased, and the items were noticed missing the first week of January. An officer found that a rear slider door had been left unlocked and reported no sign of forced entry. The report leaves open the possibility that a family member might have taken the items, but the Connecticut man who is handling the estate told police that he did not know of anyone who would have removed them.

Bill Hall, the owner of One Stop Market, told police that in early January a customer had switched the price tag on a 10-pound prime rib roast, which should have had a price tag of $96, with one from a cheaper cut of meat, and had then purchased the rib roast for $13.10. Mr. Hall told police that the buyer had used a debit card to make the purchase. Police are investigating the missing meat.

East Hampton Village

Police received a call from a Lily Pond Lane beachfront resident on the afternoon of Jan. 23 about a large object, possibly a whale, in the surf about 100 yards from the beach. Police investigated but found nothing.

Heather Kouffman left her wallet behind after making a purchase at CVS on Friday night. She went back to the store as soon as she realized her mistake, but the wallet was not to be found. It was dropped off a short time later at her parents’ house, sans cash.

Sag Harbor

A staff member at John T. Mather Memorial Hospital in Port Jefferson reported receiving a call from a possibly suicidal Division Street man on Jan. 22. The man, when interviewed, told police that he had called the hospital, but only to make an appointment, and was not feeling suicidal. Police told him that if he did find himself feeling suicidal, he should call 911.

A noise complaint last Thursday night from a Division Street resident led police to interview the suspected noisemaker. He told police he was “pissed” because he had “just gotten a ticket.” The man agreed to quiet down.
On Sunday afternoon, a woman returned from work to her car, which she had parked on Division Street, only to find that her black Calvin Klein bag, with black skulls on it, was missing. Mandy Favata told police the car had not been locked, and that the bag contained about $500 in cash.


East Hampton Town police have been investigating an apparent theft on Grant Avenue for the past two months, with no suspects found. Kevin Reynolds reported $5,000 in cash missing from his house in early November. He had suggested to police that a friend might have taken it. Police questioned the friend, as well as several other possible suspects, and reported “no further leads at this time.”