On the Police Logs 03.28.13

East Hampton Village

Middle school authorities called for the fire chief to come by last week and reset the fire alarm, which had been triggered by burnt popcorn.

On Amy’s Lane a woman called police last week to say she could hear another woman screaming somewhere nearby. Police checked the neighborhood but heard nothing.

A manager at Citarella requested extra police patrols for the parking lot behind the store last Thursday, saying people had been camping there and leaving empty beer cases and food behind.

Sue Dayton of Main Street found some loose cash behind Village Hall last Thursday afternoon and turned it over to police, who are awaiting a claimant.

A missing-dog report had a happy ending when Lorraine Fraser found her wandering pooch.

The men’s restroom in Herrick Park was the target of a vandal armed with a gold marker on Friday. It was the second such report last week. Police did not say whether the vandalism was recorded by one of the several surveillance cameras in the area.

A Two Mile Hollow Road resident called police Friday afternoon to report a stranded seal on the shore. The seal was not found.

On Saturday night an officer spotted a door ajar at the Yardley and Pino Funeral Home. “Interior checked, all appeared normal,” the report says. The officer locked the door behind him as he left.

A Manhattan woman walking on Newtown Lane last week reported seeing a “dark SUV” with a man inside “performing a lewd act.” Police were unable to locate the vehicle.


Trespassers, apparently in a car, broke through the Culloden Point Park gate on March 4 and removed fencing and warning signs at the walkway along the eroded bluffs.

Sag Harbor

A High Street man, Anthony Brandt, told police last Thursday that he had been a victim of credit card fraud. An $812.75 charge was placed against his account for a purchase from Premiere Nail Source, he reported. Mr. Brandt said he knew of no such place.


John Thorsen of Water Hole Road told police last Thursday that he had gone out for a few hours the night before and returned to find several pieces of gold jewelry missing from the master bedroom. The items included hoop earrings, a charm bracelet, and a chain with a pendant in the shape of Martha’s Vineyard, police said.  Mr. Thorsen said he had left the front door and the garage door unlocked when he went out.

Nora Kleps, a veterinarian who treats horses as well as smaller animals, called police last week after a $500 check she had been given bounced. Her bank charged her $40 for the returned check, she said, and she told police she wants the writer of the check arrested.

A man who recently moved out of a Hollyoak Avenue house, Pedro Solis, reported on March 10 that a large plastic jug containing $400 in quarters had been stolen from his former residence. He gave police the name of a suspect.