Local Art News

The summer season at Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor will feature three plays steeped in political issues that are timely as well as timeless
Scott Schwartz promises a summer season with a political slant at Bay Street Theater, but one that will sometimes be subtly felt, as in the class divisions explored in “My Fair Lady,” performed at the theater in 2016. Lenny Stucker

David E. Rattray

The spring tour in Somerset and Devon will feature private visits to historic and contemporary gardens
Marking their company's one-year anniversary, two art world friends who live in Sag Harbor will lead a spring tour of historic sites and gardens in England.

Local Art News

Perry Burns, Cara Enteles, and Anne Raymond
Perry Burns has channeled his fascination with Islamic art into his “Flower Tapestries” series. Sara Nightingale Gallery Photos
Anne Raymond’s “Sky Composition Blue” is an abstraction that captures nature, but 10 times removed.
"Dill Blossoms 3" by Cara Enteles is an oil painting on aluminum.

At the Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett

At The Southampton Arts Center

At the Parrish Art Museum
Ustad Shafaat Khan

At Guild Hall