In Sag Harbor

At the Southampton Cultural Center

At The Parrish Art Museum

Elizabeth Zung has become the new administrative director

The exhibition will include 60 paintings and a selection of works on paper drawn from 40 private and public collections
John Graham’s “Abstract Composition‚” from 1941, preceded his rejection of abstraction.
John Graham’s “Coffee Cup‚” from 1928, shows his feeling for the form and texture of commonplace objects.
In 1925, only two years after he began studying art, Graham painted the Cubist “Still Life With Saw." His good friend Stuart Davis, known for a 1927 series of paintings incorporating egg beaters, had included a saw in a painting in 1923.

At the Bridgehampton Museum’s archive building

At Guild Hall
From the piece "Singing in the Rain"

in East Hampton

In Water Mill

At the Clark Arts Center