Art in an evocative setting
Nathan Slate Joseph, who is the subject of a Lana Jokel film to be screened on Sunday at Christy’s Art Center in Sag Harbor, also has work on view in the “Velvet Elvis” exhibition in the gallery.
Randy Polumbo's "Galacticopia"

In Agawam Park in Southampton

At the Montauk Library

Local Art News

At Guild Hall

“Can I be me?”
The directors of “Whitney: Can I Be Me” create a picture of a remarkable woman who needed more help than she received.

At the Parrish Art Museum in Water Mill

Benefiting East End Hospice
With some boxes, like Marcia Previti’s, it’s the outside that counts.
The inside of Darlene Charneco’s cigar box sparkles with multicolored resin nail heads.

The latest manifestations of the ascendancy of the artistic career of Toni Ross
Toni Ross paused for a moment during the installation of her work at the LongHouse Reserve in East Hampton this spring to enjoy the atmosphere “and one of the happiest bird sanctuaries in the world,” she said. Below, Jack Lenor Larsen and Toni Ross enjoyed a golf cart ride around the grounds of the LongHouse Reserve. Studio Toni Ross
Nighttime photos of “Sanctuary Entwined” capture the detail and interiors of Ms. Ross’s hemp-twine cubes. Jenny Gorman Photos
Left to right, “Stele 19”, “Composition 4”, “Cube,” one of three of the artist’s earlier works in clay.

Jackson Pollock worked out the ideas for his paintings, including the poured works, not with sketches but through prints, including a large number of serigraphs
The disjointed body parts and other forms in this untitled engraving from about 1944 are similar to the vestiges of figures in Jackson Pollock’s paintings and drawings of the same period.