A two-act tour de force
As J.T., Kathleen Elizabeth Monteleone, front and center, belts it out with a chorus of street people, at least in the imagination of the man whose life is a musical. Jerry Lamonica

A 20-minute succession of tableaux-vivants that touchingly portray a broken childhood friendship
A member of the audience at “Voyeur” caught a glimpse of Susan Stout as a mourning mother in Kate Mueth’s production at the Parsons Blacksmith Shop in Springs. Patricia Fall

Southampton Historical Society at Whitefield, 155 Hill Street

At the Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor

At the Montauk Library.

At the Parrish Art Museum in Water Mill

Events at Guild Hall

Some 20 images from the series will be on display tomorrow from 7 to 9 p.m. and through August at the Montauk Beach House
Lovely ladies swimming in the waters surrounding Montauk are the subject of James Katsipis’s “Mermaids” series.

Local art news
“Untitled (Spring Breakers)” by Enoc Perez will be one of several photographic works embellished with cutouts in a show opening at Harper’s Books on Saturday.

These new works, most of which were produced over the past two years, refer consciously to paintings Ms. Slavin was making during the early 1970s
The colors and shadows of Arlene Slavin’s sculptures at Guild Hall change throughout the day. Here, the artist and her work are bathed in early-morning sunlight. Mark Segal