An absurdist tour of one man’s neurotic approach to his own demise
Francis Levy

News of Local Books and Readings

By Bruce Buschel
Rocky Graziano: the original dead end kid
The cover of Jeffrey Sussman’s latest book features an AP photo of Rocky Graziano and Tony Zale in their 1948 middleweight championship bout.

By Thayer Cory
By Neil J. Young
Nancy Goldstone Emily Goldstone
Self-portrait of Louise Hollandine as a nun at the abbey in MaubuissonCourtesy of Sotheby’s
“The Female Persuasion,” Meg Wolitzer’s 10th adult novel, will be in bookstores on Tuesday
Meg Wolitzer Nina Subin

The latest installment in the Sam Acquillo series of mysteries
Chris Knopf David Dimicco

By Kurt Wenzel
Martin Amis Michael Lionstar
An uncanny timeliness to Alafair Burke’s new thriller
Alafair Burke Deborah Copaken Kogan