By Laura Wells
Two Sag Harbor institutions, Canio’s Books, above, and the Variety Store, below, as painted by Whitney Hansen.
Whitney Hansen, left, and Alexandra Eames
By Lucas Hunt
Carole Stone
Ms. Schulman is the author of seven collections of poems
Grace Schulman is nearly finished with a new book of poems. Nancy Crampton

Local Book Notes

By Laura Wells
Meredith Maran Lesley Bohm
By Michael Z. Jody
Matt Marinovich Eve Lampenfeld
The event will take place in the Radio Lounge of Chancellors Hall

By Hilma Wolitzer
Roger Rosenblatt Chip Cooper
By William Roberson
Ginger Strand Orianna Riley
Bernard, left, and Kurt Vonnegut at home before Kurt joined the Army in March 1943 at the age of 20. Vonnegut Family Collection
By David M. Alpern
Leonard Lyons interviewing Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor on the set of “Giant” in 1956.Lyons Family Archive
Jeffrey Lyons