By Lucas Hunt
Simon Perchik Rossetti Perchik
By Kurt Wenzel
Barney Rosset
Barney Rosset and Norman Mailer at a Grove Press party in the late 1960s. Courtesy of Astrid Myers Rosset
At the Strand bookstore on Broadway in Manhattan

By Stephanie Wade
Mary Ellen Hannibal Richard Morgenstein
By Kurt Wenzel
By Neil J. Young
Blanche Wiesen Cook Brian Lamb
Eleanor Roosevelt's constituency took in all ages.Library of Congress
The folk singer Pete Seeger entertaining Eleanor at a Valentine's Day party to mark the opening of the racially integrated United Federal Labor Canteen in Washington, D.C., in 1944. Library of Congress
By Rameshwar Das
David Nichtern
By Bill Henderson
Tom Wolfe Mark Seliger
By J. Kirkpatrick Flack
Kati Marton Billy Bustamante
Herta and Noel Field in the late 1960s in Budapest. Field Family Collection
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