One Night, a hotel booking app, offers the lowest possible rates for a given night

A sign at the drive-through window alerted customers that the bank will remain open. Jane Bimson

Exclusive in-store happenings

The prices below have been calculated from the county transfer tax. Unless otherwise noted, the parcels contain structures.

New owners hope for community hub
At the Springs Tavern, Dan and Charlene DeSmet have created an atmosphere that recalls an earlier era, when the restaurant was known as Jungle Pete’s, the Birches, and Harry’s Hideaway, among other names. Christopher Walsh
The crowd at Jungle Pete’s in Springs, circa 1973

The July issue's cover art is by the late Howard Kanovitz, showing a moody moment on Gardiner's Bay, circa 1980.

Says shopping party at private residence a no-no
Grey Gardens, which is on the market for just under $18 million, is being rented this summer by American Express, whose plans for the property have already run up against East Hampton Village regulations. David E. Rattray

Ride-hailing services, now legal here at last, abound
One new ride service on the scene is Skedaddle, a crowdsource app that allows users to create their own mass transit routes without being charged until everyone has paid. Skedaddle will offer free service this Saturday and Sunday to anyone who downloads its app.

The East End Design Awards will be judged by an independent panel of top design professionals in categories of architecture, interiors, and landscape design. Jason Schmidt

A summer pop-up opening in Amagansett on Saturday
Gwyneth Paltrow's goop MRKT in Amagansett opens Saturday through Aug. 20. Goop MRKT