The purse, shoved between a seat in the third row and an armrest, had apparently been hiding there all along, virtually invisible

Birds’ seemingly infinite adaptations are, for me, where the main interest is found.

We all need an edge, especially as we approach it

This year I’ve decided to move to Canada if I don’t get the gift I’ve asked for for many years on Mother’s Day

Suffolk was the first municipality in the nation to ban the sale of household detergents

It was obvious that something big was out there, off toward Promised Land

I was a callow and feckless youth

I must plead guilty to serial name-dropping
The writer with Ziggy Marley after he performed in the office at Billboard in 2003.
Bootsy Collins and Christopher Walsh at a trade show in Los Angeles in 1999.

I’ve lived here for 56 years and never worried about thievery, but there seems to be no other explanation

The canine tension level rises