There was something that had caught my eye as I was reading a book on dreams, “Man and His Symbols”

I’ve long poked fun at his penchant to overprepare when it comes to supplies
A potpie for the masses Carissa Katz

We have to face the fact that language is changing faster and faster

The boasting rights would be worth it, he seemed to think

It broke the plane and we’re in pain

Must a Sunday service in small-town America be guarded by a trained professional?

She taught us that these gatherings could be an expression of love

An early show of contempt for 'popish rituals'
Main Street, East Hampton, in the days of horse and buggy, with the South End Burying Ground visible on the other side of a frozen Town Pond

I’ve become concerned lately about what the doctor says is “a slightly elevated cholesterol reading,”

Unchecked expressions of unfiltered emotion