The water is coming sooner or later

The jaywalking Olympics has come to town

Expect things to look even worse as the frame is sheathed and an approved 24-foot-long illuminated corporate sign goes up

As long-term policy it is a disaster

Were Stuart alive today, he might be appalled by the East Hampton Town Trustees, who have been scuttling away crab-like, and as fast as possible, from what he believed
In a Viking-style burial at sea of his ashes in Napeague Bay, family and friends said goodbye on Saturday to the late Stuart Vorpahl. Mr. Vorpahl, who died in January, was a commercial fisherman. David E. Rattray
Stuart Vorpahl's ashes were set adrift aboard a small handmade wooden barge bearing a flag like one that hung in the rigging of his dragger, the Polly and Ruth, for many years. Mr. Vorpahl had tangled with state authorities many times over the years about fishing regulations. Dell Cullum

The wild card is the cost

The comment can be heard as a kind of racist code, intended to speak directly to an embittered, paranoid fringe among First Congressional District voters

Enough has changed in the last 11 years to make the existing plan seem obsolete

It is wrong and potentially dangerous

August 10, 2006