As many as 100 East Hampton firefighters responded to the blaze

Avoiding conflicts of interest is ample reason to bar members of the State Legislature from continuing in jobs other than the ones they were elected to do

The continual struggle for open government

Personal watercraft are not just another kind of small boat

January 4, 2001
A capitulation to political expediency and a failure of leadership from Town Hall to Albany and Washington

The Reforming the Energy Vision plan is part of the Cuomo administration’s effort to radically modernize the New York power grid and reduce greenhouse gasses

By all appearances, the problem is a manufactured one in which some members of the subcommittee, those aligned with aviation interests, deliberately derailed the calculations in an effort to depict the proposed changes as costly to taxpayers

In a world that now runs on email, it is difficult to imagine anything more immediately destructive to the interests of government oversight and an open society

Environmental damage from failed or inadequate systems is a problem that spans municipal borders