From left, Sam Anderson, Mats Grebenstein, Isabel Peters, and Hollie Schleicher, members of Hamptons Humanity, sat for the first shift of the group's lemonade stand and bake sale fund-raiser on Saturday.

While construction has long been finished on East Hampton High School, a lawsuit over a construction contract with Sandpebble Builders lasted many more years, ending last week with a jury decision that the East Hampton School District has to pay $750,750 to the company. Kate Maier in 2009

East Hampton High School students are in some trouble following senior pranks on Thursday, school officials said. Christine Sampson

Christine Sampson

Christine Sampson

Beth Doyle, left, the principal at the John M. Marshall Elementary School in East Hampton, said she is looking forward to working with Russell Morgan, right, the newly appointed assistant principal. Christine Sampson

The Eleanor Whitmore Early Childhood Center in East Hampton Village Christine Sampson