East Hampton’s $1.43 million security fixes were never made public
Durell Godfrey

Residents sound off on expansion vote
Hallways at the Springs School must sometimes double as instructional spaces, as there are 734 students in a building intended for 350. Residents will decide on March 6 whether to approve the funding needed for a building expansion. ­­­David E. Rattray

5-year-old’s ADNP syndrome means days filled with specialists and therapy
Rowland Egerton-Warburton, who was diagnosed with ADNP syndrome, a rare genetic disorder, at home with his physical therapist and behavioral instructor, only two of a long list of specialists contracted to help him develop communication and life skills. Judy D’Mello

Performing the song “Express Yourself,” Max Eberle, who plays Michael, Billy Elliot’s best friend, touches on topics like cross-dressing and tolerance. Durell Godfrey
Billy, played by Silas Jones, a seventh grader, trades his boxing gloves for ballet slippers in this tale of following one’s dreams in the face of adversity.Durell Godfrey
Laura Sisco, the play’s director, had to work with actors on tap dancing skills.Durell Godfrey
The cast of “Billy Elliot” during a rehearsal last week Durell Godfrey