Last year's winner of the milkshake contest was called "Im-pretz-ive" LT Burger

The first restaurant on Long Island connected to a winery
Wolffer Kitchen’s ambitious menu and industrial-chic decor made The Star’s food writer grateful to live in Sag Harbor. Morgan McGivern

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From left, Marc Wölffer, C.E.O. of the Wölffer Estate Vineyard, Susan Ungaro, president of the James Beard Foundation, Yuliya Kotova, the winner of the 2015 Christian Wölffer Scholarship, and Roman Roth, a partner and winemaker with Wölffer Estate, paused for a picture together during the Chefs and Champagne benefit. Christine Sampson photos
The James Beard Foundation's annual Chefs and Champagne gala on Saturday drew about 1,000 visitors, including Tyron Smith, a two-time Pro Bowl athlete who plays left tackle for the Dallas Cowboys. Mr. Smith, pictured fourth from left, spent the evening alongside his friends Amanda Segreto and Bobby Finnerty of New York City, Leigh Costa of Dallas, and Phil Storace and Fallon Storace of East Quogue.
Susan Ungaro, president of the James Beard Foundation, introduced Carla Hall, right, the Daytime Emmy Award-winning chef and cookbook author who was the honoree of the foundation's annual Chefs and Champagne benefit.
Titti Qvarnström of the restaurant Bloom in the Park in Malmö, Sweden, was the first female chef to receive a coveted Michelin Star in her country. She was among more than 40 acclaimed chefs who participated in Chefs and Champagne on Saturday at Wölffer Estate.
Todd Buchanan, left, a real estate agent who was one of the sponsors and coordinators of Chefs and Champagne, paused for a moment of celebration with David and Nancy Katz of Roslyn.
Ami Suchde and Prashant Swaminathan, of New York City, said they enjoyed the various offerings on Saturday at Chefs and Champagne at the Wölffeer Estate vineyard.
Carla Hall, who was the honoree at the James Beard Foundation's Chefs and Champagne benefit on Saturday, found herself stopping for pictures and conversation with fans.
An electric guitar, admired by David Braunstein of Southampton and Ingrid McNulty of Remsenberg, was among the items offered via silent auction on Satureday.
The Wölffer Estate's champagne Taittinger was the featured champagne for the hundreds of guests at Saturday's Chefs and Champagne benefit.

While researching picnic and boating excursion options I was appalled at some of the suggestions
A cold pasta salad with corn, tomato, croutons, and cheese is portable and delicious. Laura Donnelly

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Circo Southampton is situated where Delmonico’s resided briefly and where Savannah’s reigned for years
Circo’s vegetable lasagna features rich, homemade noodles. Laura Donnelly
Even on a hot night, the breezy patio at Southampton’s Circo is a popular dining option. Morgan McGivern

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A new line of tasty bars and noshes made with buckwheat, dates, and other healthy ingredients
The Buck What! booth at the Springs Farmers Market, run by Leeann and Mark Rybakov, sells healthy bars and snacks featuring buckwheat. Joanne Pilgrim

We began our meal with shrimp shumai, rock shrimp wraps, gyoza, daikon salad, and braised short rib