South Fork supporters, some reluctant, see pragmatism, change on horizon
“I think Trump is going to surprise you. You have to give him a chance,” said Andy Sabin of Amagansett, posing near his collection of Trump lawn signs. T.E. McMorrow

Morgan McGivern

Summertime parking on portions of the ocean beach in East Hampton Town will continue after a state court dismissed lawsuits by property owners who had objected to the growing number of vehicles there on some weekends. The East Hampton Star

East Hampton High School is the polling place East Hampton's Election Districts 1 and 14 Christine Sampson

Fund extended to 2050, 20 percent for H2O
Lines to vote at the East Hampton Emergency Services Building were out the door and into the hallway at midday on Tuesday. Durell Godfrey

Court strikes down efforts to tamp aircraft noise
East Hampton Town’s 2015 laws restricting overnight takeoffs and landings at East Hampton Airport, and limiting noisy planes — an attempt to reduce the aircraft noise that generates complaints from across the East End — were struck down last week in federal court. Morgan McGivern