Did Anne Boleyn take shelter under these beams?
A birdhouse marks the view of the Tiedemanns’ house from the south.
Left, the “bones” of a 500-year-old barn come from the Boleyn family’s Hever Castle in England. Right, Georgica Pond in East Hampton can be seen from more than one side of the great room. Durell Godfrey Photos
The family enjoys the tranquil waters of Georgica Pond from one side of the house.
Dining in the sunroom, with its sweeping views of moors, Georgica Pond, and Georgica Beach, contrasts with meals at the formal dining room table, below left, which seems to await a feast for royalty.
Right: Books and a quirky folk art bicycle rider fill the center of the great room.
At left: Carl Tiedemann collected tools to make full use of the space between the beams. Right: A whimsical ladder is by the artist and studio furniture maker Tommy Simpson.
Tudor-style paneling geometrically complements a mantelpiece and its eclectic assortment.

Durell Godfrey Photos
Grasses and indigenous trees grace the natural landscape at the Perlbinder place in Sagaponack. Durell Godfrey
Margaret Kerr, an artist who appreciates the warmth and subtle colors of brick, used it in intricate patterns around a small pool and its water lilies in her Springs garden. Susan Wood

Edwina von Gal practices what she preaches. This chemical free meadow is on her own property in Springs.

By Susan M. Seidman
The sourwood tree in midsummer. Susan M. Seidman
The sourwood tree in in fall.Susan M. Seidman
Our gardens would fare much better if they remained covered by a blanket of snow
Snakebark maple Phoenix. Abby Jane Brody Photos
Early crocus after six weeks under snow.

Tracing Heritage to Two Family Trees
This North Haven house, on “Sayre’s Lot,” is still in the family. Durell Godfrey Photos
This dour portrait is of the widowed Maria Payne,left, who married Jeremiah Sayre. Ann Sutphen’s grandmother, Gladys Houx Rusk, center, poses with Ann’s mother, Martha Rusk Sutphen, on her lap. And a portrait of an unidentified ancestor, right, dates from the turn of the last century.
Ann Sutphen, dressed for the cold in a room closed off for winter, poses with portraits of her three sisters.
A 19th century dresser, left, in what used to be the master bedroom is a coveted antique. The secretary in the morning room, right, is full of books ancestors handed down.
The view from a former maid’s room, left, is one of the best in the house. A ginger jar, right, has been in the house for generations.
A writing desk, left, with windowed shelves in the morning room. At right, hot-water bottles come in handy in old houses.

The Star’s hunter-gatherer, Durell Godfrey, went looking for stuff that would warm the heart and soul of any Valentine.
Durell Godfrey
ONE HOUR What can you do with an hour? Limit the time the kids watch TV, exercise, check on the casserole. This hourglass comes in lots of colors to match mood or decor. $24. Rumrunner Home, 330 Montauk Highway, Wainscott. BEES PLUS Handmade candles use local beeswax from hand-tended beehives. Great for giving or keeping. Support local enterprises! Gone Local, 80 North Main Street (new location), East Hampton.Durell Godfrey
THOU SWELL Classic for a martini, raspberry sorbet, or mocha chip ice cream. Whatever your heart chooses, it is more of a treat for two. $27. InHome, 132 Main Street, Sag Harbor. SWEET TREAT For a delicious pancake, waffle, or corn fritter. Pure maple syrup, organic, and to be had either light, medium, or dark. $21. Tasting spoons available, Table of Content General Store, 59 North Ferry Road (Route 114), Shelter Island. Durell Godfrey
HOTS Hot chocolate, hot soup, hot frappuccino. Carry it to your Valentine in this mug and you will make someone really happy. $34. Loaves & Fishes Cookshop, 2422 Montauk Highway, Bridgehampton. BATHING BEAUTY Add a little zing to your tub bath with a floating devil duck. Highly collectible. For kids of all inclinations and ages. Start a fleet. $5.99. Kites of the Harbor, 75 Main Street, Sag Harbor.Durell Godfrey
MOOD Vintage vinyl sets the tone for a romantic dinner for two or for all kinds of festive occasions. Give them or keep them forever. Prices on request. Innersleeve Records, 199 Main Street (formerly Gone Local), Amagansett. Durell Godfrey
QUID PRO QUO You scratch her back, she’ll scratch yours. Telescoping device makes solo scratching easy too. Zebra print makes it special. Keep one for the guest room or send it to a kid in college. $9. General Home Store, 100 Park Place, East Hampton. DO KNOT FORGET ME Oh my darlin’. Remember her/him forever with this KNOT paperweight-sculpture. A sophisticated way to put your love right on his or her desk for all to see. Nickel etched knot is loose enough to play with but will never come untied, which is as it should be. $250. Mecox Gardens, 257 County Road 39A, Southampton; 66 Newtown Lane, East Hampton.Durell Godfrey
YOURS TRULY Candy, diamonds, or pearls. Red Hots, nuts, or jellybeans. The perfect box for dresser or treats during home movies. Maybe you need more than one. $20. Annyx, 150 Main Street, Sag Harbor. OH MY! What luxury for yourself or your Valentine. Elixer with oatmeal offers lofty bubbles for good fun in the tub. Beautiful presentation. $30. Sylvester & Co., 103 Main Street, Sag Harbor.Durell Godfrey

Repurposed materials mixed old and new
A view from the living room into the kitchen. A photo mural of a birch forest flanks the staircase. The wooden column in the center of the room came from an 18th-century house nearby. Below, Glenn Leitch took measurements in the old kitchen. Durell Godfrey Photos
Hanging lights in the master bedroom save space on the night tables. A large painting by James Kennedy and two woodcut prints by Lynn Stefanelli are above the bed.
In the office, a sleek fiberglass chair, at left,and modern light fixture, below, contrast with a desk made of old, repurposed wood. Right, the ceiling in the kitchen was removed, and a window in the wall above admits additional light.
Above, a bio-ethanol fireplace burns sustainable fuel, takes up little space, and looks like a sculpture. Unlike the wood stove it replaced, below, it doesn’t require a flue.
The original kitchen had linoleum floors.
A modern double sink in the master bathroom is mounted on a cabinet the couple bought on their honeymoon in Bali.