A covetous retreat on Gardiner’s Bay
The late architect Francis Fleetwood helped create the perfect artist’s studio. A wall of glass doors runs the length of the building, making the most of the sky, the light, and the view of beach and bay.
The studio doubles as a home away from home, with a fireplace made of Montauk stones for winter, a kitchen and bathroom, and a loft bedroom for those occasions when Lucy Cookson simply cannot put away her artwork.
Seen from the beach, the studio displays the architect’s commitment to the shingle style and love of swooping gables.
The smokestack is all that remains of the Devon Colony’s power plant. Ospreys have found it to be a handy nesting place.
The base of the smokestack as seen from inside.

Erik Engstrom, left, works part time for Fireplace Farm helping Paul Hamilton. Durell Godfrey

The best in design and architecture from colonial chic to beach house modern
This Shingle Style residence is the latest addition to Foster Crossing in Southampton, a modern family-centered home that looks as though it has always been there. Emma Ballou

A beach house dream realized in the ’50s
The house today is much the same as seen in these contemperaneous photos. David Allee Photos

Where an ugly duckling became a swan
The original 1970s Amagansett house was grandfathered in to become the Treehouse, circa 2015, allowing views from the third story. Matthew Carbone Photos
The living room of the Treehouse.
An indoor/outdoor bathroom experience.
The unobstructed view from the top.
A light-filled, architecturally pleasing staircase.
Andrew Catapano, the owner.

Mary Nimmo Moran's gardens here may have been inspired by American Impressionist paintings

Every May, the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons stages its own show house
Tamara Fraser wanted to create a serene environment for relaxing after a long day at the beach. To that end, she used mostly beige, gray, and taupe. Durell Godfrey
Iris Zonlight’s snug bedroom reflects her predilection for black and white. Jai, her former ARF dog, seems comfortable with her design choices. Durell Godfrey
Michael Murray and Tim Cronenberger put some final touches on the rooms in the barn for Rachel Ray Home.Durell Godfrey

By Cathie Ireys Gandel
Kyoto-style hibachi made of keyaki wood with a copper lining. Below, wood and bamboo utensils for the kitchen.
Left, a step tansu would be used for stairs and storage. Right, an elaborate merchant’s chest would impress customers.
A selection of blue-and-white dishes with traditional motifs
Black lacquer storage boxes are handmade.