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I’m just there for the brews and chews
Buffalo cauliflower with a tangy scallion cream sauce is a tasty alternative to chicken wings. Laura Donnelly
A “wintery and kinda healthy” spiced ginger cake has nothing to do with the Super Bowl. Laura Donnelly

Were the fish burgers a hit?
Daniel Pacella, the chef for the Bridgehampton School, left, and Sean Barrett, the founder of Dock to Dish, celebrated the road test of the school’s new fish burger lunch. Durell Godfrey Photos
Caleigh Hochstedler was one of those who enjoyed the new lunch option.Durell Godfrey
The full Montauk Fishburger entreeDurell Godfrey

Food made by the Tagliasacchi family
Signature garlic rolls and focaccia complement meals at Cappelletti in Noyac. Morgan McGivern

If you are among the 1 percent of the population that genuinely has celiac disease, then you must adhere to a gluten-free diet
Gluten-free pasta options Laura Donnelly
A gluten-free pasta option may need a savory sauce to make it more palatable. Laura Donnelly

Billy Joel’s exes
Christie Brinkley’s quinoa and pico de gallo salad Hachette Book Group

Losing weight effectively and over the long term is usually best accomplished by making smart food choices and setting positive goals, not through fad diets. Laura Donnelly Laura Donnelly

An oversimplified primer on wine pairing with holiday foods
For many, the holiday table is not complete without wines suitably paired to the courses of the meal. Jennifer Landes

The Feast of the Seven Fishes is believed to have originated in southern Italy, perhaps Naples or Sicily

Who knew sake was so varied, so complicated, so complex?
Ryunosuke Jesse Matsuoka is one of the very few sake sommeliers in New York, quite possibly the only one on Long Island. Laura Donnelly

The best of the best
Much-loved recipes can often look like a favorite stuffed toy or blanket: frayed at the edges, faded, and stained. Laura Donnelly