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Local Food News
Cynthia and John Kaufmann sampled the pulled pork slider and veggie burger at the Springs Tavern bar, which opened April 1. Durell Godfrey

Dining options both out and in
Anand Sastry pairs rack of lamb with capellini risotto. Durell Godfrey

Local Food News
Ina Garten, seen in her East Hampton kitchen barn, has a new show, “Cook Like a Pro,” premiering on the Food Network next month. Jennifer Landes

Dinner at Hampton Coffee
Jason Belkin, who owns Hampton Coffee Company with his wife, Theresa Belkin, was behind the bar at the Water Mill location and ready for the dinner rush on a recent Friday. The restaurant started serving dinner last month. Taylor K. Vecsey

A holiday hankering for corned beef and cabbage
For those unable to get to Indian Wells Tavern in Amagansett on Friday, the restaurant’s chef, Tyler Hannibal, has shared the recipe for his version of corned beef, pictured above.

Local Food News
Volunteers gathered in the Scoville Hall kitchen to prepare for the annual soup and chili dinner sponsored by the Amagansett Presbyterian Church with contributions from Nick and Toni’s and Bostwick’s, among others. At Almond, its co-owner and head chef, Jason Weiner (below preparing headcheese for the first course), collaborated with Jeremy Blutstein from East by Northeast to concoct a “whole animal, cured, pickled, fermented, and preserved-things beer dinner.” Durell Godfrey and Jeremy Blutstein Photos

If I wake up fantasizing about a particular kind of food, watch out
Papdi chaat is an Indian street food snack with many variations. Laura Donnelly

Is it worth it? You bet!
Jan and Jerry McKeon, Richard and Caron Schoen, and Louise and John Sasso, from left, enjoyed a recent dinner at Dopo la Spiaggia in East Hampton. Durell Godfrey
Although the Norman Jaffe-designed interior remains intact, the decor has been lightened and updated with dramatic lighting and gray-painted grasscloth on the walls. Durell Godfrey

The granola clusters are the recent culmination of almost two decades of health-oriented cooking for spas, ashrams, and private clients
Renée McCormack, an East Hampton native, initially developed FoodFitness Granola Clusters as a nutritious snack for her children.

Super Bowl Sunday is a great excuse to make lots and lots of food, from easy-to-pick-up finger foods to big pots of chili or stew
Chili with all the fixings Laura Donnelly