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I love it when a restaurant is a pleasant surprise!
Winston’s friendly staff includes De-Andre Blackwood and Jhodia Ferguson, the manager. Morgan McGivern

A friendly atmosphere and very reasonably priced food
The picnic tables at M.J. Dowling’s Steakhouse and Tavern are a comfortable hideaway just off Noyac Road. Morgan McGivern

Delicious food in a welcoming atmosphere
Meeting House restaurant is small, but not cozy, and full of families enjoying excellent food. Morgan McGivern

Orlando Satchell, Jamaican by birth and raised in Birmingham, England, had been the executive chef of Dasheene, an excellent restaurant at Ladera Resort, a “romantic paradise” between the Pitons
Nutmeg and mace for cocoa tea Laura Donnelly
Orlando Satchell, the best chef in Soufriere, St. Lucia, on the grounds of his restaurant Orlando’s, which is also his home

For some reason, I like to believe that the later I go away, the more likely spring will have sprung upon my return to Sag Harbor
The table was set for dinner on St. Lucia with a lovely backdrop of water and extinct volcanoes. At left, Ann Samuel, who cooked for the house’s guests, with St. Lucia’s version of pizza, more similar to a meat quiche. Laura Donnelly Photos
Fruit and fresh vegetables for salads were among the things that did not have to be imported to the island. Laura Donnelly

Feedfeed is a crowd-sourced digital cooking publication and community
A desire to find and share recipes for fresh produce from Amber Waves, above, and Quail Hill, two community supported farms in Amagansett, led Julie and Dan Resnick to start the feedfeed, a crowd-sourced digital cooking community. Morgan McGivern
Feedfeed’s easily searchable database provides access to recipes from home cooks and professionals from around the world.

What other food myths are still floating around out there, just waiting to be debunked? Or in some cases, proven true?
True or false? The magic foaming action of lemon and baking soda removes beet stains and fish odors from hands. True! Laura Donnelly

At the Culinary Institute of America campus in San Antonio
King Hussein, center, was the benevolent leader of Laura Donnelly’s team during a Culinary Institute of America boot camp recently. With him was Ken Koch, left, another South Fork participant in the program. Laura Donnelly

New York State has become a nexus for craft distillers, and rum, with a rich history traced to the earliest colonies, is tied to this area in many ways
Cristina Mello, the manager of the East Hampton Golden Pear store, poured out the rum and drink samples before and after the “Distill Life” panel discussion at the Parrish Art Museum on Friday night. Jennifer Landes

A diet of root vegetables, cheap meats, and dairy products was born out of necessity, climate, and poverty
Eastern European food goes well with L.I. vodka.