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Chez George is one of the oldest and best bistros and was beloved by Julia Child
A Parisian vegetable market demonstrates how even lettuce can be artfully displayed, as the third and fourth generations of family friends with ties to the city noted on a recent visit. Laura Donnelly
The head-on shrimp with basil-flecked rice at Paris’ Chez Janou was part of a meal that included risotto made with farrow and sea scallops, fish soup, octopus salad with roasted peppers, and an intriguing salad. Laura Donnelly

The journey of Tony Meatball began in 1971
John Jurim, above, explained the Tony Meatball menu to patrons last weekend. Mr. Jurim is the manager of the Bridgehampton store, which was opened by Mark D’Andrea in August. Mark Segal Photos

A rather expensive disappointment
Entering Tauk at Trail’s End, there is a sense of deja vu, as in “I think I’ve been to this recently renovated restaurant in Montauk.” Jane Bimson

A harvest celebration
Can Thanksgiving recipes like leek gratin help reunite families after the election? Only your crazy uncle can say for sure. Laura Donnelly

Greenport has been known for shipbuilding, oystering, whaling, commercial and recreational fishing, and, lest we forget, plenty of bootlegging and rumrunning
Although the fate of Claudio’s dock is uncertain and hip new stores and eateries have opened, the Greenport carousel remains an institution. Laura Donnelly

Twist’n Sprout and Stalkchop, while cleverly named, are not necessary for coring Brussels sprouts or prepping cauliflower, tasks that can be easily performed with a utility knife. Laura Donnelly

“Pie squash”
The cheese pumpkin, center, named so because of its resemblance to a wheel of cheese, has a dense flesh more akin to a butternut squash than to the standard carving pumpkin. Jennifer Landes

It is a scientific fact that our taste memory is our strongest, stronger than sight, sound, and smell
Broccoli with Cheetos Laura Donnelly
Broccoli in a cheesy cream sauce topped with Cheetos is a popular (and delicious) fall menu item at the restaurant Park Avenue in New York City. Laura Donnelly

The Everyman of fruit
The old adage “One bad apple spoils the rest” is actually true. Choose apples that are unblemished, fragrant, and firm. And if making crust or strudel dough seems intimidating, feel free to cheat and buy them premade. Laura Donnelly

The Service Station serves up reasonably priced drinks and grub in what was formerly Nichol’s and, even earlier, an actual service station. Morgan McGivern