Lead Food

At the Culinary Institute of America campus in San Antonio
King Hussein, center, was the benevolent leader of Laura Donnelly’s team during a Culinary Institute of America boot camp recently. With him was Ken Koch, left, another South Fork participant in the program. Laura Donnelly

New York State has become a nexus for craft distillers, and rum, with a rich history traced to the earliest colonies, is tied to this area in many ways
Cristina Mello, the manager of the East Hampton Golden Pear store, poured out the rum and drink samples before and after the “Distill Life” panel discussion at the Parrish Art Museum on Friday night. Jennifer Landes

A diet of root vegetables, cheap meats, and dairy products was born out of necessity, climate, and poverty
Eastern European food goes well with L.I. vodka.

A definite narrative arc
This menu book "has more exclaimation points than a teenage girl's diary," but is full of menus and the memories behind them. Laura Donnelly

“easy as eating pie.”
Making pie may not be brain surgery, but it’s not as easy as it is reputed to be. Laura Donnelly

“a bowl of blessedness.”
Chili of a dozen varieties and all the fixings was in abundance at the return of the Clamshell Foundation’s Great Bonac Chili Cookoff at the Amagansett American Legion on Sunday. Morgan McGivern Photos
Those participating included, above, Fred Overton, and below, Kim Kenney, who took first place among the amateurs.
Amy Pilkington, Kathryn Menu, and Debbie Geppert, who served as judges along with Laura Donnelly.
A big pot of chili can turn up the heat in winter.

Guilty pleasures
The author’s friend Joey likes Frito pie.
Bologna sandwiches are one of David Chang’s guilty pleasures. Laura Donnelly

Bean, or legume, soups can be virtuous and vegan, or enriched with cream
Legumes, plain or fancy, make an inexpensive, filling, and warming soup in the colder months. Laura Donnelly

Meal planning was of supreme importance
When cooking on an island vacation, choose fresh produce from nearby for vibrantly colored salads and other creations. Laura Donnelly
A farm market and a good supermarket, if available, go a long way toward gathering supplies in an island paradise. Otherwise, bringing essentials is a good idea.Laura Donnelly

Jerking and smoking meats and fish can bring you back to a primal era