The “Sam” in Sam’s Beverage Place is Sam Iden
Sam Iden, left, and his father, Mitchell Iden, opened Sam's Beverage Place last week in the former Pritam and Eames furniture store on Race Lane in East Hampton. Christopher Walsh

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The Coluccio family: Two brothers, second-generation pyrotechnicians, worked together with their father, the chief on the Great Bonac Fireworks show. Joanne Pilgrim photos
Fireworks shells are dropped into mortar tubes arrayed in grids and wired together in a sequence created by the show's choreographer.
Lower, sizzling effects are created by the smaller fireworks.
As a tugboat pushes the barge into position on the west side of Three Mile Harbor, people gathered along the shore and on boats wave, applaud, and toot air horns to thank the fireworks crew.
With work done for the moment, the crew waits on the barge, alone inside a safety zone, as night falls and showtime nears.
Inside a protective area on the barge, which rumbles underfoot with the concussive bursts as the fireworks are launched, the pyrotechnicians oversee the computerized program that sets off the show.
The aftermath: Returning to the dock in the dark, Steve Coluccio updates the chief pyrotechnician's record book. Cleanup must still be done, post-show and the next day.

The cash price at the Water Mill Shell station on Tuesday is slightly above average on Long Island. Jackie Pape

The cyanobacteria bloom that compelled the East Hampton Town Trustees to close Georgica Pond to the harvesting of crabs and other marine life has sufficiently diminished to allow its reopening. David E. Rattray

An automatic fire alarm at Tenet on East Hampton's Newtown Lane at about 3:30 a.m. Monday summoned police to the store, where they found the back entrance on Park Place had been forced open. Christopher Walsh

An East Hampton Town police car kept part of Northwest Road shut down to traffic on Sunday morning as police investigated an accident. Durell Godfrey

East Hampton Town police found spent shotgun shells in the street in front of this house on Oakview Highway. T.E. McMorrow