Intoxication, not alcohol, is problem, clerk says

Proposed restrictions on landscaping and construction need a redo, they say
Several landscaping companies’ owners have implored the East Hampton Village Board not to restrict the periods in which their crews can use gas-powered leaf blowers. Morgan McGivern

"There was no place left to go," said the East Hampton School Board president
Every department, all three schools in the district, and every grade "took a hit," the school board president said of the proposed 2014-15 budget. Morgan McGivern

New rules to target summer fund-raisers

East Hampton would have largest sun-power plant in the Northeast

Cheers for a more family-friendly crowd
Paul Monte of Gurney’s Inn was the grand marshal in Sunday’s St. Patrick’s parade
Paul Monte of Gurney’s Inn was the grand marshal in Sunday’s St. Patrick’s parade Janis Hewitt
Eddie Ecker, a member of the Montauk Fire Department and former East Hampton Town chief of police, at Sunday’s Friends of Erin St. Patrick’s Day parade Janis Hewitt
The East Hampton "Starship"David E. Rattray
Regan Moloney, a teacher at the Montauk School, handed out candy to those along the parade routeJanis Hewitt
The Hula HutJanis Hewitt
Coneheads did a take on Obama CareJanis Hewitt
A member of one of the day’s many pipe and drum bandsJanis Hewitt
An appearance by Pussy Riot and PutinJanis Hewit

Outdoor pizza oven apparently sparked a grass fire Wednesday afternoon
Firefighters put out a grass fire on Wednesday at the Hayground School in Bridgehampton that had reached a kitchen building and was climbing an outside wall.

A screenshot from Jimmy Fallon's "Tonight Show" clip online. NBC

Early-morning brush fire quickly extinguished
A fire that broke out on Buckskill Road in East Hampton destroyed an area of brush this morning. Morgan McGivern
A fire marshal investigates the cause of a brush fire on Buckskill Road in East Hampton.Morgan McGivern

Gang of kids from left, Madison Williams, Rhina Sanchez holding Aralee Sanchez, Thomas and Aaron Sanchez, Tony Sanchez, Jack Mooney and Kieran Mooney in front. Janis Hewitt
A lion made an appearance. Janis Hewitt
The East Hampton "Starship"Janis Hewitt
Some Greenport firemen love to dance. Janis Hewitt
George Clooney was with ConeheadsJanis Hewitt
Coneheads did a take on Obama Care.Janis Hewitt
Tony Sanchez with Aralee SanchezJanis Hewitt