Hunter-gathering, fishing, and agriculture are the oldest ways of making a living
Last summer and into the fall, whales and dolphins could often be seen from the ocean beaches here. Dell Cullum

A corroded pipe leaked gas into a wooden building at East Hampton Indoor Tennis, and it appears that when a heater went on, it ignited the gas, said Tom Baker, an East Hampton Town fire marshal. T.E. McMorrow
Michael Heller
Michael Heller

On Thursday, a rift appeared along the downtown Montauk beach as snow continued to fall. On Friday, sandbags and concrete pavers were left exposed. T.E. McMorrow
A study in contrast: Shaun Jones checking the lines the Pontos at dock in Montauk on Thursday. At right, cross-country skiers took to the trails of the Bell Estate in Amagansett.Amanda Jones, Judy D'Mello
In Montauk, the Shagwong Tavern remained open throughout the storm.T.E. McMorrow
Snow blanketed the roads on Thursday afternoon as officials urged residents to stay home so that plow crews could clear them.Durell Godfrey
In East Hampton Village, a crew worked to remove two massive piles of snow from the Reutershan parking lot on Friday afternoon.T.E. McMorrow
A 10-foot-tall wall of snow separated the two sides of Main Street in Sag Harbor Friday morning.Carissa Katz
A blasting wind and frigid cold did not deter the sledders on the hill in front of Pierson High School in Sag Harbor on Friday.Carissa Katz
Martell's in Montauk was covered in snow on Thursday.T.E. McMorrow
Clearing a path as the snow continued to fall Thursday afternoon in East HamptonDurell Godfrey

On their second snow day in a row Friday, kids flocked to the hill at Pierson High School for some primo sledding. Durell Godfrey

Distant oyster cages in Gardiner's Bay off Amagansett have prompted a lawsuit by the Devon Yacht Club claiming that officials acted improperly in granting a series of aquaculture leases last year. David E. Rattray

Fred Overton, who held elected town posts for 30 years, retired at the close of 2017 but has no plans to leave the community and the people he holds dear. Durell Godfrey