Sydney Ireland, right, was on a campaign to get the Boy Scouts of America to let her participate in its programs, as her brother, Bryan, left, does. Now she can. Gary Ireland

Climate link suspected as beetle spreads
The southern pine beetle, which burrows under pine tree bark and creates these clumps of resin on tree trunks shown here, has killed about six acres of pines in East Hampton’s Northwest woods. East Hampton Town
The dead tops of pines killed by an infestation of southern pine beetles are visible in an aerial shot of acreage in Northwest, while tree trunks in the roughly six-acre area affected also show signs of the pine beetles. East Hampton Town

Democrats have edge in battle of enthusiasm

Architects’ vision prompts look at village’s future

After sending volunteers to Texas, East End Cares to hold benefit in Montauk Saturday
Maureen Rutkowski of Montauk joined Team Rubicon in hurricane-battered Beaumont, Tex. Courtesy Team Rubicon
At the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons on Wednesday, Michelle Forrester held Scooby, one of 67 dogs and cats that arrived from Rincon, Puerto Rico, on Wednesday by chartered plane. Durell Godfrey

An architectural rendering of the bowling area that is being built at the East Hampton Indoor Tennis Club. Dynamic Designs Associates Inc.
A sports bar and lounge area is also planned.Dynamic Designs Associates Inc.
Construction is underway on a new sports center at East Hampton Indoor Tennis.Carissa Katz

The Cove Hollow end of a roughly mile-and-a-half concrete drain pipe that reaches to the fields off Route 114 in East Hampton David E. Rattray
David E. Rattray

In two cases, lacerations showed that fishing nets or lines could be the culprits
Members of the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation tried to rescue a bottlenose dolphin from Three Mile Harbor on Oct. 3, but it proved too sick to help. Dell Cullum
A team from the Atlantic Marine Conservation Society, with help from East Hampton Town Marine Patrol, collected a dolphin found dead on Atlantic Avenue Beach in Amagansett on Saturday. Gabrielle L. McGee
Dell Cullum

David E. Rattray