Is it a sign of global warming that leaves take longer and longer each year to turn?
The turn of the leaves is late, and so, too, is the hibernation of the spring peepers. Victoria Bustamente

Fall leaf colors are easy to explain scientifically
The reds of the red anthocyanins, oranges of the beta-carotenes, and yellows of the xanthophylls take over as the green of the chlorophyll pigments recedes. That’s the science behind the beauty of fall. Susan Dusenberry
The huckleberries and low blueberries are almost as vividly red as the canopies above them. Victoria Bustamante

It’s a miracle of sorts, a potential 150-foot-tall oak in a roundish hard nut no bigger than a cherry

“the hard,”
First place in the SurfMasters wetsuit division still belonged to Nick Bocchino, left, who caught this 35.2-pounder on Oct. 3. As of Monday, Klever Oleas, right, remained in first place in the Montauk SurfMasters wader division for this 42.56-pound striper he caught on Oct. 4. Paulie’s Tackle Photos

We owe our existence to these little filamentous blue-green cells

The whale was white, a silvery white, with one of its graceful pectoral fins languorously draped across its midsection like the arm of an otherworldly odalisque
A dead humpback whale that washed ashore at Ditch Plain looked almost ethereal in the afternoon light. Russell Drumm
Taking advantage of the easterly blow from the storm that moved up the coast prior to Joaquin was surfcaster Frisly Castaneda, who caught this 44.8-poundstriper on Oct. 4Paulie’s Tackle

Long Island will get smaller and smaller and eventually waste away to an elongate shoal

It’s the time of the great bird migration and the harvesting of fish and shellfish, just like in the old days
Ospreys will use the same nest throughout their lives. Durell Godfrey

Fall fell on Sept. 23, when the center of the sun crossed south of the equator
The fishing was fantastic on Sept. 16, when 11 members of the East Hampton Sportsmen’s Alliance chartered the Elizabeth II out of Montauk, catching a boat limit of sea bass, nine striped bass, and bushels of jumbo porgies. Paul Bruno

The American beech secretes root pheromones that discourage other species from moving in
Dodder, left, Beechdrops, right.
Wood Betony
Yellow pinesap
One-flowered broomrape
Indian pipe