Fifty years ago, one would never raze a house to build another one unless it was severely storm damaged or ravaged by fire

Using a drone rather than a surf rod to deliver a baited hook
Capt. Tom Federico, right, hauled in this striper by Great Eastern Rock on Aug. 9 fishing aboard his boat, the Surfmaster. It was 46 inches long and weighed between 35 and 40 pounds.
Patty Sales with a Three Mile Harbor bottlefish, caught on Tuesday.

Russell Drumm surfing. Dalton Portella

Things were a little different at the dawn of surf fishing in Montauk
John Ciullo caught this hefty 47-pound striped bass off Montauk Point. Sam Doughty

Montauk is growing up in more ways than one
Following the recent clearing of some 20 acres in the Montauk moorlands, what remains are white oaks, black oaks, and black cherries. The question is: What will grow back in the cleared area? Larry Penny

You think an experienced fisherman like me could accidentally hook himself . . .
Robbie Downing, 15, caught a rare black drum at Hither Hills State Park. Rich Downing

In August the insects hold sway
Praying mantises have eyes that can move independently to look at two objects at once. Durell Godfrey

A “novel ecotype.”
Left uncultivated after many years of farming, a field on Deerfield Road in Water Mill grew up naturally with native plants. Larry Penny

Researchers in Australia decided to examine persistent claims from chronic lung disease sufferers that they could breathe more easily after a day of surfing
Jonathan Whitestone with a striped bass caught on bunker chunk from White Sands Beach on Napeague. Harvey Bennett

Menhaden are critical to the ecology of coastal waters
Peter Honerkamp, right, fishing with Capt. Ken Rafferty in Gardiner’s Bay, caught a 30-pound striped bass, his first. Barry Steckowski
The winning Montauk Grand Slam team, pictured with Dan DeGray from Mercury Marine, at left, included Shawn Ackley, Jonathan Perkins, Al Williamson, and Jeff Harrison. Rick White