A lunar eclipse was visible over Gardiner's Bay and the Bell Estate in Amagansett on Wednesday morning. David E. Rattray

There are many variations on the theme
The female Galapagos hawk is polyandrous; she keeps more than one male on more than one nest at the same time. Dell Cullum

East Hampton Town police Sgt. Dan Roman helped corral a seal pup that had wandered from Gardiner's Bay to the edge of Bendigo Road in Amagansett Tuesday. T.E. McMorrow

Bud Pitts, who noticed a young gray seal alongside an Amagansett road, helped keep it from scrambling away while waiting for a marine mammal team to arrive. T.E. McMorrow
Kristina Hansen of the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation made the decision to take the seal to the foundation’s headquarters, where it could be monitored before being released back into the wild.T.E. McMorrow

Our individual histories are marked in different ways

Rescuers scrambled to keep a seal pup from escaping on Bendigo Road in Amagansett on Tuesday afternoon. T.E. McMorrow

Durell Godfrey

Hunter-gathering, fishing, and agriculture are the oldest ways of making a living
Last summer and into the fall, whales and dolphins could often be seen from the ocean beaches here. Dell Cullum

Brrrr, it is very cold out there!
Almost all of the South Fork’s freshwater bodies, including the large ones like Fort Pond in Montauk, are frozen this week. Jane Bimson

The winter birds are scarce this December
A gull at Otter Pond in Sag Harbor, one of a flock observed feeding on menhaden as ice began to form about two weeks ago. Terry Sullivan