The current world-record 81.88-pound striped bass was caught by Greg Myerson on Aug. 4, 2011
Ten-year-old Thea Morse caught her first false albacore, an eight-pounder, at the Shinnecock Inlet on Sept. 20. Ken Morse

Paddleboard business comes under scrutiny

Monarchs have a special protection that most butterflies lack
Two monarch butterfly larvae fed on milkweed in a Sag Harbor yard. Jean Held

Commercial fishing to be banned in zone

Hard work and simple pleasures got us through each day enthusiastically and with a smile
Once upon a time on the East End, invasives like this giant hogweed on Audubon Avenue in Bridgehampton were few and far between. Larry Penny

The bald eagle is no longer endangered and is again spreading its wings in every state, with the exception of Hawaii

Living the Dream
Jim Reynolds caught his first false albacore on a fly rod while fishing with Capt. Ken Rafferty. Capt. Ken Rafferty

Sebastian Gorgone at Mrs. Sam’s Bait and Tackle in East Hampton told me that Gulp! has been flying off the shelf and that some local old salts are enthusiastic recent converts
Bennett Burki, 10, caught a 35-pound striped bass off Montauk Point.
Nick Zuccitti posed with bull dolphin snagged at Butterfish Hole. Harvey Bennett

Being in the field in Montauk in September of any year is an invitation to mayhem
Durell Godfrey

A species changes its behavior to keep up with quicker changes in its environment