A hideous monument

Grus Canadensis
A sandhill crane, rarely seen in this area, has been spotted in Wainscott. Terry Sullivan

Stopping in at Wild Bird Crossing
The comings and goings of birds to and from a feeder can provide endless hours of entertainment in the winter months. Victoria Bustamante

New Year’s Eve was the day of the Orient bird count
Cedar Point lighthouse is also known as the Cedar Island Lighthouse. Arthur Goldberg

The nub of my everyday life revolves around prodigious note taking — two to three sides of lined paper each day

We should never take water for granted

The fish kill of menhaden experienced at Southampton Town’s Shinnecock Canal may have been one of the largest in American history
Were the dolphins spotted by the docks of Sag Harbor the other day there to feed on bunker? Terry Sullivan

An Eden of East Hampton
The small north part of Hook Pond, separated from the south by Dunemere Lane, is bordered by the best and most diverse freshwater wetlands of any that surround the pond. Durell Godfrey

In the last 10 years, bald eagles have become regulars on Long Island
This immature bald eagle, photographed a few days ago in Montauk, appears to be the same one released back into the wild in August by the Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center in Hampton Bays. The clue: It is missing a toe. Debbie Kuntz

Seapoosed ponds have two distinct habitats at different times of the year — one tidal, one brackish