It’s all part of a day on the water and taking all of it in
Sam Doughty of East Hampton caught this 37-pound striped bass on Sunday during the Montauk Mercury Grand Slam Tournament. Jon M. Diat

Local songbirds have been able to produce two litters of nestlings, deer and turkeys have plenty to eat, fish crows and common crows are at it in Sag Harbor
Fiddler crabs are up and at 'em as soon as the tide begins to ebb. Durell Godfrey

Whether baking exposed on the edge of a marsh bank during a weeklong summer heat wave or clammed up during an extended deep-winter freeze, bank mussels are just about impervious to all Mother Nature can throw at them. Jon M. Diat

Which species is the most famous for preying on its own?
Deer at the Nature Trail in East Hampton Village. While they are ubiquitous on the South Fork, there is much we do not know about these complex creatures. Dell Cullum

Kayaking, along with other paddle sports, may seem idyllic, but it can be dangerous and strenuous. Durell Godfrey

Angler participation leaped into full summer mode
It’s a keeper! Eric Firestone hoisted this insanely large porgy from Gardiner’s Bay yesterday morning. David E. Rattray

There’s a lot going on in the world of nature, all of it free of charge
Milkweed is coming into full bloom, and mating monarch butterflies, which deposit their eggs on milkweed, should not be far behind. Below, box turtles have been moving to and fro as they prepare to lay their eggs. Watch out for them on the roadways and stop to help them make it safely across. Victoria Bustamante and Susan Dusenberry Photos
Three years ago, there was still a hint of Brushy Island in Montauk’s Fort Pond. Today, all that can be seen is a single tree stump sticking out from the water. Victoria Bustamante and Larry Penny Photos

For aquatic creatures like fish, does the lessening daylight alter their habits?
Chad Smith, right, the drummer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, caught this 41-pound striped bass earlier this month on the Breakaway out of Montauk. With him is the first mate, Eddie Harrison. A picture that ran in this spot last week incorrectly identified the man with a fluke as Mr. Harrison. Capt. Richard Etzel

In humankind as in nature, just about every method to get a given thing done has been tried
Ospreys remain together year after year, returning to the same nests each year, sometimes for decades. Terry Sullivan

My time on the water will significantly increase in about two weeks, as I will formally retire from my job of the past 30 or so years
The crew of the Gotta’ Go posed with their 453-pound mako, the winning fish in the Star Island Yacht Club’s shark tournament last weekend. Star Island Yacht Club
Chad Smith, right, the drummer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, caught this 41-pound striped bass on Monday morning on the Breakaway out of Montauk. The boat's first mate, Eddie Harrison, is on the left. Capt. Richard Etzel