A very big fish indeed
Even for an experienced local fisherman, seeing carp in the 10-pound range in East Hampton’s Hook Pond last week was a surprise. Terry Sullivan

The bay was full of bottlefish, a k a blowtoads, blowfish, or puffers
A bucket of big fluke proved the success of the Lazy Bones party boat’s afternoon trip on Monday. Russell Drumm

Eugene Odum and a host of ecologists studying food chains discovered that about 90 percent of energy is lost when one trophic level feeds on another

It didn’t take me long to find the creature, a snapping turtle the size of a small manhole cover looking furtively toward the road

Hummingbirds fly fast and furious

A part of local history that should not be forgotten
From left, Floyd Havens, Dom Dom, William Havens, Bill Lester, and Sidney Havens with their catch before haulseining was banned in the name of “conservation.”

Houses are going up everywhere

Fishermen read the movements of fish in spring, comparing their comings and goings with those kept in logbooks and legends
Squidders lined a dock in Montauk as their lamps lighted the water below. Carissa Katz

The return of the swallows
Birdhouses at Fort Pond Bay in Montauk provide nesting spots for purple martins. Victoria Bustamante

I’ve found that the sea tends to draw our less conscious selves forward like dreams remembered
At Barnes Landing on Sunday, Susan Denton christened the Miss Mary with a bottle of Budweiser. Her husband, Dwayne Denton, built the new dory for Paul and Dan Lester. Russell Drumm