Taxi vs. pedestrians, car vs. bicyclist, a medevac, and a minivan in flames
A bicyclist was seriously injured on Napeague Sunday afternoon. David E. Rattray

The Montauk Fire Department's ambulance responded to a moped accident on Monday. T.E. McMorrow

A parade of defendants was escorted into East Hampton Town Justice Court on Independence Day morning, many arrested during a a drunken-driving sweep Friday night into Saturday. T.E. McMorrow

This Chevy Tahoe had only 17,000 miles on it, said one of the mechanics who looked it over after it cracked an axle on the beach in Montauk. T.E. McMorrow
T.E. McMorrow
T.E. McMorrow
T.E. McMorrow
The Tahoe was pulled off the beach by an excavator. Peter Rucano
Some sand was towed off the beach along with the Tahoe. T.E. McMorrow

The driver of a truck that crashed into a utility pole on Tuesday afternoon was not hurt. Taylor K. Vecsey

Emergency medical technicians with the Montauk Fire Department loaded a woman into an ambulance after she was thrown from her moped in Montauk on Monday afternoon. T.E. McMorrow
T.E. McMorrow

The East Hampton Fire Department extinguished a fire under the hood of the minivan involved in a two-car accident on Cedar Street in East Hampton on Monday morning. Morgan McGivern
The pickup truck sustained side and front-end damage in an accident on Monday morning. Morgan McGivern