Southampton Town Police Chief Robert Pearce, at left, with Captain Lawrence Schurek at recent town board meeting, will leave the department at the end of September. Taylor K. Vecsey

Tragedy narrowly averted as stand had just emptied out
Susan L. Colbath crashed her car into a reviewing stand soon after Sunday's Montauk Friends of Erin St. Patrick's Day parade ended. T.E. McMorrow

Three mariners were rescued off a life boat when their boat caught fire off of Fisher's Island on Sunday morning. Coast Guard

Photographs shared by the family of Lilia Esperanza Aucapina as they searched for her following her disappearance on Oct. 10. T.E. McMorrow

Melvin Smith held without bail after being caught repeatedly selling Oxy
T.E. McMorrow

Sag Harbor police hope to hire additional traffic control officers to work this summer with Pablo Londono, who manages the T.C.O. effort. Sag Harbor Village Police