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‘Some swimmers come out as if baptized’
Michael Petrzela was again first out of the water in Fighting Chance’s longest swim, a 2-miler this time. Craig Macnaughton
Sophia Taylor and Paige Duca are two reasons why John Ryan Sr. has such confidence in East Hampton’s women’s lifeguard team. Jack Graves

“When I pointed out to her that her horse’s stall had an ocean view, she relented.”
Mercedes Mann has been teaching at the Topping Riding Club in Sagaponack for about 40 years. Jack Graves
Emily Aspinall, Mercedes Mann, and Tinka Topping have worked closely together at the Topping Riding Club for many years. Jack Graves

Local Sports Schedule

District champion 9-10 Little League traveling all-star team lost a game Tuesday night. Caroline Cashin

The first in a quarter-century
Atta boy: East Hampton’s 9-10 Little Leaguers were congratulated by their parents after Sunday’s 13-4 win here over Patchogue-Medford. On Monday, in Riverhead, they won the District 36 championship. Jack Graves
Carter Dickinson’s lead-off double in the second inning of Monday’s championship game “set the tone,” according to one of his coaches, Tim Garneau. Craig Macnaughton
Tyler Hansen has been lights out on the mound for East Hampton’s 9-10 traveling all-star team. Jack Graves

Kayaking, along with other paddle sports, may seem idyllic, but it can be dangerous and strenuous. Durell Godfrey

“Yes, we’re getting bigger, and better too,” John Ryan Sr. said.
John Ryan Sr. is happy to see that more and more youngsters here are learning to swim. There are about 350 kids in the junior lifeguard program and about 100 6-through-8-year-old Nippers at present. John Musnicki