An ambitious youth soccer academy
Marcelo Marchan, at right, has great hopes for the East Hampton Soccer Fever Club, whose clinics and training sessions are under way now at the Springs School. Jack Graves

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The kids he played with were to go on to become the tiny Bridgehampton High School’s first state champions
Carl Johnson, flanked by Ben and Orson Cummings, participated Saturday in a rededication of the Bridgehampton Child Care Center’s basketball court along with, from left, Amare Robinson, Jai Feaster, Michail Feaster, Alex Davis, and Marquis Thomas. Taylor K. Vecsey
Carl Johnson, at right, rates the 1974, ’79, ’86, and ’97 Bridgehampton teams as the school’s best. Jack Graves
Ronnie White with the future generation, from left, Michail Feaster, Samantha Udave, and Alexis Davis.Taylor K. Vecsey
Tamara George, wearing yellow, the color of the Bridgehampton Killer Bees, spoke on behalf of her father, Paul Jeffers Jr. Bonnie Cannon, the director of the child care center, is at right. Taylor K. Vecsey
In front of two dozen people who turned out for the dedication of the new basketball courts, Bonnie Cannon recognized alumni and those who helped fund the project. Taylor K. Vecsey
Ronnie White shot around with children on the new basketball courts Saturday. Taylor K. Vecsey
Child care center alumni, donors, and board members.Taylor K. Vecsey

Though few turned out for Andy’s Run
Ben Tuttle, a Division II all-American at Cedarville University, from which he has graduated, won Saturday’s half-marathon. Jack Graves
Pierson’s cross-country team was in the van at the start of Andy’s Run in Sag Harbor Saturday. Jack Graves

The fall has been a fairly good one for Bonac’s teams
The Porters’ Keegan Syron more or less had his way in Saturday’s football game here, amassing 285 yards in 18 carries. Craig Macnaughton
Ruby and Clementine Talmage, who are cousins, are playing second doubles for the East Hampton High School girls tennis team. Their record as of earlier this week was 7-3. Jack Graves
E. Bistrian, at right, leads the East Hampton High School field hockey team’s offense, but Miller Place was too much for the Bonackers here last Thursday. The Panthers won 5-0. Craig Macnaughton Photos

Local Sports Notes
Chris Carney and his wife, Lisa, topped the duo competitors at the Serpent’s Back Duathlon in 2013. Jack Graves

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It was really anyone’s game when the third quarter began
Jacen Tuthill, East Hampton’s quarterback, who passed for 167 yards Saturday night (and for 550-plus yards in Bonac’s first three games), was intercepted twice by the Warriors — this one occurring with four minutes gone in the fourth quarter. John Musnicki
The cheerleaders, as well as the band and the dance team, were out in force at the homecoming football game Saturday night. Jack Graves
Christian Brierley and Marikate Ryan were the homecoming king and queen. Jack Graves

Young Zimbabwe player heads to U.S. prep school
Watida Mukukula, 17, has been invited to the N.B.A.’s Basketball Without Borders camps in Johannesburg and Angola the past two years.