A hole in one’s a hole in one
There were milk shakes all around to celebrate James Bradley’s hole in one at Poxabogue last week. Jack Graves

Josephine Kalish made the clinching shot
Josephine Kalish, at right, was the star, scoring a goal in regulation and the clincher in the shootout. Jack Graves

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All this from a school as tiny then as it is today
Billy DePetris once threw three no-hitters in one week, on a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Below, John Niles coached in his 10-year tenure what was probably the strongest Killer Bee boys basketball team ever.
Carl Yastrzemski, the Major League Baseball Hall of Famer, set a Long Island single-season scoring record in basketball in his senior year.
Bill Stavropoulos was, in Billy DePetris’s opinion, “a damn good ballplayer, in every sport, and a good student.” Below, Sandy McFarland still holds Syracuse’s outdoor 400 record.

So tagged because he ‘could blow at any time’
Billy DePetris said where he lives in Flanders is “more like a museum than a house.” Jack Graves

Sunday’s edition drew 188 contestants, all the merrier because of the balmy weather, the free beer, and a palpable sense of community
George Watson, with the megaphone, and his son Chris were pleased with the turnout on the Dock’s last day: 188. Jack Graves
Britton Bistrian, Beth Feit, Juliana Duryea (the women’s winner), Caroline Cashin, and Sharon McCobb were among the 3.3-mile Dock race’s competitors Sunday. Jack Graves

East Hampton’s reserves defeated their Glen Cove counterparts 2-0 and the A team beat the New York Athletic Club 1-0.
Luis (Piri) Correa and Mario Olaya celebrated what proved to be Correa’s game-winning goal in a second-round State Cup game with the New York Athletic Club here Sunday. Craig Macnaughton

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