“It’s the local Everest of swimming.”
Next year, he may jump in earlier, the better to time the tides.
Bonnie Schwartz, coach, Kenneth Bernstein, official observer, George Velmachos, first mate, Spencer Schneider, the swimmer, Dennis Loebs, boat captain, and Sinead FitzGibbon, rower, after Schneider's four-and-a-half-hour attempt.

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Don McGovern, the coach, said, however, that there was still much work to do
Marco Gutama (number 1) scored two goals for East Hampton’s 3-1 win in the rain here over Miller Place on Sept. 19. Craig Macnaughton

Rugby team playing at home this Saturday
Barbara Gubbins (in the white singlet) was to finish third over all among the women, even though she’s 57. Robin D. Gray

Ryan Fowkes finished first, in 15 minutes and 26 seconds
Ryan Fowkes, the eventual winner, was in the van as the boys cross-country race at Cedar Point Park on Sept. 12 began. Jack Graves

The final score was East Hampton 94, Sayville 89
Sophia Swanson, a sophomore, is an all-around threat when it comes to the various swimming meet events. Carolina Swanson

Dropping back keyed breaks in the soccer game
Justin Carpio (10) assisted on Wilmur Guzman’s game-tying header in the second half of the game here with Amityville. Craig Macnaughton
Cate Wicker (5) scored the sole goal in Saturday’s East Hampton-Shoreham-Wading River field hockey game here. Lina Bistrian is at left. Jack Graves

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Kathy McGeehan's volleyballers recently shut out Shoreham-Wading River, and the coach expects the team to only get better heading into the playoffs. Ricci Paradiso
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