A hearing that stretched across several months was concluded on Friday
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J. Darius Bikoff, the multimillionaire owner of Vitamin Water, is among the principals of ED40, a limited liability corporation that purchased the East Deck Motel at Ditch Plain in Montauk

The tennis court is to be built on the former Gardiner estate, at 127 Main Street

A “Hampton Bar Crawl”

The Sabin Foundation is headquartered in East Hampton

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A truck delivered a steel beam from the World Trade Center to the American Legion Hall in Amagansett on Aug. 13. Bella Lewis

ED40 wants to create a “private club” on the site of the old East Deck, with 179 members. T.E. McMorrow
Laura Michaels, left, Connie Cortese, and Freddy Gold are board members of the new Ditch Plains Association, which was founded to oppose a large redevelopment project at the former East Deck Motel. Janis Hewitt