The Old Whalers Church in Sag Harbor at Christmastime Durell Godfrey

Durell Godfrey

Carrie Milliken de Graff’s note on the back of her husand’s calling card identifies the Tiffany’s clock as a wedding gift from her father.

 Durell Godfrey
By Saturday the Sag Harbor Cinema’s lobby, including the RJD Gallery, had been demolished, leaving a hole on Main Street. The Compass building, to the right, was taken down on Monday. Durell Godfrey
Ladder trucks from four South Fork fire departments attacked the fire from above on all sides to prevent it from spreading farther. Michael Heller
An aerial photograph taken Friday afternoon showed the extent of the fire’s damage. A thermal camera measured heat at 600 degrees in the cinema’s ceiling, Sag Harbor Fire Chief Thomas Gardella said.

Michael Lynch Crowdrise/Maura Lynch

Keith Grimes Inc. worked to demolish the building at 84 Main Street in Sag Harbor, three days after a fire gutted it and undermined its structural integrity.
Keith Grimes Inc. demolished the Sag Harbor Cinema, at the request of village officials who said it was in danger of immediate collapse.

Fred Kumwenda Crowdrise/Friends of Fred
By Saturday, there was a large hole where the Sag Harbor Cinema once stood on Main Street.Carissa Katz