200-plus remember 1913 rally on Main Street
Arlene Hinkemeyer, right, of the League of Women Voters of the Hamptons was jubilant last Thursday at the league’s recreation of a 1913 women’s suffrage rally. With her was Brooke Kroeger. Durell Godfrey
East Hampton Village Police Officer Jennifer Dunn got a banner of her own as she patrolled during last Thursday’s march commemorating the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in New York. Durell Godfrey
Carissa Katz

Autumn Rose Miskweminanocsqua ("Raspberry Star Woman") Williams won the title of Miss Native American U.S.A. 2017-2018 last weekend.
The beetle has distinctive markings that are easy to recognize. USDA

Rico, right, and Gina, left, may be deaf and blind respectively, but like many dogs, they go right for a slipper to chew on. Bryley Williams
Rico, the deaf sibling at right, has black speckles on his nose and Gina, the blind dog, has blue eyes.Bryley Williams
ARF employees with Rico and Gina.Durell Godfrey

Mayor Paul F. Rickebach Jr., center, and Richard Lawler, right, an East Hampton Village Board member, thanked Jerry Larsen for his service to the village as he prepared to leave his post in January. Christopher Walsh

Sunday marks the opening day of the Hampton Classic Horse Show, which will run until Sept 3. Durell Godfrey

The fireworks show over Main Beach starts at 8:30 p.m. on Saturday. Michael Heller photos
The East Hampton Fire Department, made up solely of volunteers, depends on donations for the fireworks show.

Heart lab and cancer center to open soon
State officials were on hand for the unveiling of the new Stony Brook Southampton Hospital sign at the entrance to the hospital on Monday. The official merger took place on Aug. 1. Taylor K. Vecsey