Cuomo gives agency new power on limits
A decline in horseshoe crab numbers has spurred calls for greater protection of the ancient species. Thomas E. Mahnken Jr.

The water quality of Hook Pond is poor, with dangerously low levels of dissolved oxygen


Laurie Cancellieri said a memorial plaque in honor of her son on a teak bench at Ditch Plain Beach went missing. Janis Hewitt

“It’s quite simple, and it matches the kind of unadorned, unpretentious look that Ashawagh Hall has,”
Phyllis Kriegel, left, who underwrote a landscaping project around Ashawagh Hall in Springs, surveyed a tricolor beech tree that was planted with Marybeth Lee, center, who designed and did the plantings, and Loring Bolger, right, of the Springs Improvement Society, with her dog Jessie. Morgan McGivern

Food trucks are the norm at many town beaches, including this one at Indian Wells Beach. Durell Godfrey

There's a new security policy in place at the East Hampton Cinema. Christine Sampson

Morgan McGivern

A simulated beach scene is the backdrop for a display of vintage surfboards and memorabilia at the Oceans Institute and Surf Museum at the Montauk Lighthouse. Janis Hewitt

Jarvis J. Slade Jr. and Tonia J. D’Angelo of East Hampton were married on Aug. 15, 2015