Clamshell Foundation’s Sandcastle Contest Winners

“Violet the Garden Dragon,” top left, was the overall winner of the Clamshell Foundation’s Sandcastle Contest, while “Extinct by High Tide,” above, took third place in the family division, and “Ted Wins Gold” didn’t need a special prize to know it was special. James Lowney Photos

    The Clamshell Foundation has announced the victorious entries in its 21st annual Sandcastle Contest at Atlantic Avenue Beach in Amagansett on Saturday.                             
    The overall winner of the contest was “Violet the Garden Dragon” by Heather Lanza, Beth Beavan, Ron Galady, Jess and Adele Muller, and Mary Hendrickson.          
    Jay Schneiderman won first place among Sand Pros for “Hatchling,” and second place among pros went to “C.S.I.” by Robert Moore, John and Natalio Panico, G.T. Hollet, and John Jakimowitz.
    The adult Sand Shaper’s first place victory went to “Olympic Swimmers” by Sheryl, Jeff, and Hayley Flug, Max Pescherine, Mark Singer, and Sarah Mendelsohn. “Lobster Tales” by Steven and Jacob Judelson, Jon Cheeseman, Lenore Hanson, and Jordan and Wendy Kogan took second, and third place was awarded to Debbie, Nip, and Kick Farm for “Bonac Beach Farm.”
    The winners of the Sand Tribes family competition were Henry and Julia Moreton and Claire and Ann Sydeman for “Pride of the Hamptons.” In keeping with the Olympic spirit, “Team USA” by Scout, Dage, Dani, Micala, and Devon Lynch clinched second place, while Don, Jen, Emma, and Claire Roane took third for “Extinct By High Tide.”
    For the Sand Fleas, children up to 8, first place went to “Manuela the Whale” by Manuela Williams. Noah Sanabria took second place for “Ancient Seaworld,” and Jack, Sara and Sue Matty won third for “Jack’s Magic Castle.”
    First place for the 9 to 15-year-old Sand Hoppers went to Aidan and Matthew Sheinberg for “Clamshell Olympics,” second place was given to “Marine Monopoly” by Jenny, Michelle, and Nicole Sciarrino and Matthew and Emily O’Gorman. Ava, Lyla, and Sadie Forman, Chloe Ford, and Chloe Haines were awarded third place for “Octo Love.”
    Money raised goes to support a variety of the Clamshell Foundation’s charitable causes.