Wall Falls at Bulova

A collapse of a 10-foot wall within the former Bulova watch factory resulted in a temporary setback of the section’s restoration while its safety is assessed. Carrie Ann Salvi

    A 10-foot wall collapsed last week during the restoration of a four-story section within the former Bulova watchcase factory.        
    “Nobody was hurt,” said David Kronman, the property manager, on Tuesday. A team of structural engineers retained by Sag Development Partners and Racanelli Construction are assessing the scene. “A third-party safety monitoring process and a site-safety plan is in place,” Mr. Kronman said. “It’s a complicated project. We’re taking safety very seriously.”
    The small section within the interior courtyard side of the building was slated to come down anyway, he said, and stabilization work “will move full steam ahead,” when engineers deem it appropriate.
    “To put it in perspective,” Mr. Kronman said, “eighty percent of the timber and brick restoration is complete. It was a small section.” Work continues on the south side of the site, he said, on the underground garage and the foundation of newly constructed townhomes.
    The developers have made some modifications to their 2008 landscape plan, including the repositioning of the fence along Washington Street, Mr. Kronman said, which will be presented to the village planning board at its Sept. 25 meeting.